Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat Freebie Extravaganza!


So we SAS-y ladies sure have a treat for you!! ;-) we're all working together to bring you hallloween treats and guess what else? you get to go 'trick or treating' for them!!
( i am super-excited since i'm too old to dress up as the little mermaid
and go door to door... but now i still get in on the fun! )

this is what you do...

go to the blog at
for your first treat bag.... second.. click on the adorable SAS door knocker to take you to the blog of the next SAS-y designer and keep going until you've gotten all of the SAS-y treat bags! (how cool is that?)

my treat bag( packed full of of sweet treats!) is here

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pink, Black and Spooky Freebie!

A Few of My SAS-Y friends (Pillowgirl Scraps and Digitreats) have made some really cute freebie kits lately and I thought I'd join the fun (and bring you something to tie them together! )
here is my contribution :

the link for this mini kit is hidden in this post ;-)

(gotta be 'tricky' with my 'treat' ya know! :-)

and here are the two other freebie kits that coordinate with my kit :

pillowgirls latest 'pink and black' kit

and Digitreats sweet not spooky halloween mini kit :

get it at

and here is a layout of my DD , Joanna (now 9 months 1 week) dressed up as
an elephant .. totally cute!
here is the link to my pink and black spooky freebie mini kit (expires in 3 days)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Beautiful Moment Sample Freebie!

and here is a sample layout made with the some of my Beautiful Moment Mega kit :

This is of my daughter, Joanna, now 9 months old and has just started crawling!!

This Mega Kit has:

24 papers
10 borders
7 frames
46 embellishments!

all for $6.50 !!

is now available at stone accents studio

here is the link for the sampler kit: offer expires in 3 days

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

2 Page Bragbook Freebie!

Yeah, I know I expired the other one early last time, sorry about that.. I lost track of the days... the theory would have worked better if the week had 8 days instead of seven.. I was trying to figure out a way to post freebies twice a week and still give everyone the maximum amount of days to download.. so i've changed the expiration days to 3 days instead now...
(and if its there past that, I'm fairly certain no one will complain.... i think. ;-) lol.
so here is the freebie today:
a 2 page bragbook album made using my A Treasured Past Mega Kit and the layouts were designed by my fantastic CT member, Tragedy Anne

download expires in 3 days

Here are some fall pictures, some from the property and some just from driving around...
I LOVE THIS PICTURE TOO! It totally makes me want to just belt out "Climb every mountain, ... ford every stream... follow every rainbow... till you find your dreammm!! "

ok ok i will stop the singing of the Sound of Music here..
(even if it IS one of mine and DH's all-time Faves :-)
As a little girl, (even though we were raised Baptist) you could find my little sister and I pretending to be nuns (I was always Maria, of running around the house with black skirts on our heads.... ah those were the days... lol.

In the picture below, this is the view from the field at our farm that we are planning on building our future home in someday when we can afford it :-) that is my DH carrying my 9 month DD on his shoulders and MIL walking along beside.. the two dogs are 'muttley' (FIL and MIL's dog) and a new stray that just showed up a few weeks ago. We have taken to calling him 'Big Dan' because he looks so much like the dog of the same name from the movie 'Where the Red Fern Grows' He is a really sweet dog and it seems like we will probably end up keeping him. It will be interesting when we get our other two dogs that live with us in our current place, and take them up with us when we move to the farm.. (the two dogs we have now are a cocker spaniel my nephew named 'steeler' and a small black lab named 'Reagan' after my fave president.) We will almost have a dog pack ... it'll be wild , I'm sure.. lol.. some people raise livestock on their farms.. looks like we are going to be raising dogs! LOL

Make sure to check back on Halloween! All the SAS-Y designers are working to gether to bring you a FREEBIE Trick or Treating Special!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Page Template Freebie!

so yeah, I know I am working backwards here, but i guess i figured i wouldn't be showing these to tons of people on the internet until pillowgirl convinced me to blog about this... lol.

here are some of the first pictures of the work out at the property. I the photos above it is still pretty early on, and we are cleaning out the block garage (aka 'the cabin' ) I have a photo somewhere of just how much junk there was in it, but i printed it out and gave it to MIL for her scrapbook and therefore dont have it on the hard drive, I only have copies of these because i emailed them through my Gmail and have a horrible habit of keeping tons of stuff in my inbox. ha ha ha. :-) Anyway, this place was soo full of stuff, in some places it was piled waist deep and most of it was a conglomeration of automotive repair stuff,trash, furniture, clothes, pictures,and pretty much anything since this 'garage' was made into a house for a while, then later turned back into a garage by means of tearing out interior walls and cutting a door into the front.

Because of FIL's lung condition we pretty much had to remove everything all the way down to the floor joists and rafters so we could bleach them and make sure there was no mold, not to mention shore them up and make sure everything was solid.

So anyway, that should catch you up a little on the situation with that.. ha ha ha.
here is a little something for the weekend! :-)

This page template is 12x12 and in layered PSD and PNG format at 300 dpi

download expires in 4 days

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Daydream Embellished Frame Freebie!

check the date! download expires 4 days from posting :-)

Hubby and I were driving out to the farm a week ago or so and saw this in somebody's front yard.... call us crazy.. or just plain tired.. but we busted up laughing over it! for some reason.. i think it's hilarious! like as though they are saying... "really, we swear! we LOVE fall!... even though we have mutilated our only front yard tree! "
I mean... i totally realize they are just either 'topping' the tree so it won't gro so high next year, it had some sort of disease.. or they just REALLYYY hate raking leaves.. LOL ;-)

but we got a kick out of it and i thought you might too...

In other news....

I spent the majority of the weekend 'chinking' the Faux log siding for the front side of the 'cabin' we are using a generations old recipe : here is the recipe just in case any of you digital scrappers every get the urge to go and chink yourself a cabin!! LOL

2 parts sifted dirt or clay
1 part sifted wood ashes (or gardeners lime)
1/2 part salt
water to make it the correct consistency *

* now... I used one of those big Sam's Club type aluminum cans as my measuring tool and I found almost a whole can of water (minus about a half cup) to be just about the perfect consistency.
they say this stuff is supposed to dry REAALLLY solid... almost like concrete.. so we will see....:-) I am really happy with how the siding looks. We were able to purchase the boards 'rough sawn' like this at a local sawmill for $60 dollars for about 60 fifteen foot boards. (the widths vary between 8-28 inches) the bark was not removed so they still had a wavy quality about them.. it looks pretty cool though and i think once it is all finished and closed up.. nobody will be able to tell that it was once a concrete block garage and not an authentic hewn log cabin.. (unless they look really closely anyway.) the plan is to do the same thing on the inside as well so it should look really 'country' and that was MIL's dream home anyway, so the LORD is really providing for her as they could not even afford to purchase a finished home let alone a log cabin like they dreamed of.

I gotta say... I am pretty shocked that the Feelin' Thankful kit hasn't been selling like I figured it would.. i mean.. i think It's the most beautiful kit I've ever worked on.
It's really making me question my own style now...LOL. so as yet another attempt to entice people to buy what we already know is stunnigly beautiful... we are now giving away an 8 page bragbook with purchase (in addition to the 20% off sale price! )
get it at
So I've seriously got the 'designer blues' now.. since Daydream has not sold EVEN ONCE!! :-(
I mean,... do I smell or something? LOL LOL LOL So I am really seriously looking for some CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM HERE! Could do me a huge favor and be My SIMON COWELL.... really.. lemme have it! Tell me what could be better about my designs, go take a look at my stores and my products and tell me what you really think of them :-) I mean... I am currently making kits that I THINK look cool.. but I am totally willing to try some new things if it would sell better... cause goodness knows.. the farm and the house won't be getting fixed on their own :-) and after all.. the point of my job is to make things YOU like anyway... so really....

whaddaya think?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Creative Team Call!

Daydream Overlay Freebie!

this overlay is 12x12 300dpi PNG format
and you can adjust the blending modes for different effects :-)


Here are some pictures of the farm in the fall....
and of MIL and FIL on the tractor...with the-traditionally- horse drawn hay rake behind. LOL

the hay rake was one of the items strewn around the property so FIL got it out and made sure everything was in working order and since MIL is afraid of heights ,(... it was enough just to get her to sit on it for this picture.. LOL...) I was riding around on this in the field raking up 'strays' from the automated hay rake
here is a picture from earlier this summer.. this is the structure we are working on renovating for MIL and FIL to live in.. here we dug a trench to lay the septic line and DH and I were measuring the grade with a line to make sure the slope was correct.
I'll be posting more photos of our progress coming soon :-)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hay Hay Hay!! LOL

Had an exhausting weekend baling hay out at the farm. So far we've put up about 250 bales and have 3 more fields to cut yet.. so my aching back isn't neccesarily looking forward to the weekend.. LOL. Hopefully the Hay will sell well for MIL and FIL as they are running short on cash. Does anybody know of a good place to dispose of old used tires... some of which are still on rims? As the leaves are changing out here I am reminded that soon they will all fall off and we'll be able to pull more junk out of the underbrush... which makes me think of the tires... (so far we've pulled out over 250 of them just strewn around the property and I'm hoping there is some way we can recycle them, instead of having to pay a huge disposal fee.)
I have a few cute challenges going on over at one for the ugliest layout contest and another for october treats recipe's. And I Just finished uploading my newest Mega Kit "Daydream" there as well, I just love it and i hope you will too!

Over at I put up a new kit called Elegance, a Rock N' Roll paper pack some awesome Rock N' Roll element Templates and some Page Templates too!
stop by and check em out! :-)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Get it while its on SALE!!!

We Are Thankful for YOU!

As a way to show how much we LOVE Ya'll
we're reducing the kit price on our 44 paper nearly 100 embellishment kit to $6.40!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Feelin Thankful Freebie!

We've decided that in honor of our first Collaboration kit being unveiled today we would give out this phenomenal freebie for you! (and this is just a small sample of how AMAZING this kit is!)

We thought it might be fun to offer this kit in parts on both our blogs, so you get half here, and half there :-)

don't forget to visit pillowgirl's blog to get the other half!

link expired

and here is a preview of the full kit

I'ts a Mega! With an amazing 44 gorgeous papers and nearly 100 embellishments!

click here to get it at the store!

Check out ActionFX!

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