Saturday, September 8, 2007


Here is My Personal Use TOU :-)

  (Click the images to view at full size.)

And My Commercial Use TOU:


Anonymous said...

I was prepared to make a large purchase of your lovely products from DSS this morning, until I noticed something in your TOU that I would like to clarify.

In your angel policy, you state that S4H/S4O end products must be in printed form only. However, in my experience, many designers allow for both printed and flattened jpeg file for S4H/S4O end products. Am I misinterpreting your policy, or does your policy also allow for flattened jpeg files?

Thank you!

Sherah Kraan said...

Yes, Flattened JPGs would be considered perfectly fine, I will ammend the TOU to reflect that, thanks for bringing it to my attention :-)

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