Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Word Labels Freebie!

This past week I've not been feeling very well, so sorry this is all i have to offer for now. :-( Last week I had a severe Eczema breakout on my hands and could barely type and now I'm coming down with a cold and still have all of the unpacking and cleaning from the trip to do in addition to all of my regular mothering 'chores' lol.
I made sure to take my vitamins so hopefully all will be better soon.

here is the link to the word labels, download expires in 3 days

Also, ... if you have an interest in designing... SAS is holding a designer contest so make sure to check that out, here is the pallette for the first round ! Isn't it beautiful?

and here are a few links for you to learn more about it....



have a great day!

God Bless!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Homespun Christmas Quickpage Freebie

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know I did! Watching DD enjoy her first Thanksgiving sure made me realize that I've got a lot to be thankful for! Thank you all for your support! God Bless!

Christmas is right around the corner so here is a sweet quickpage to help you get a jump on your holiday scrapping! The quickpage can be downloaded here The download expires in 3 days so snatch it up quick! :-)

This homespun Christmas Quickpage was made just for you by my marvelous Designer Assistant, Trish, using the Homespun Christmas Kit available at SAS
I really hope you all enjoyed the Black Friday sale yesterday at the store. There were a lot of great bargains to be had.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Beautiful moment cluster freebie!

This Freebie Cluster was created by another CT of mine, Country Girl, I think you'll agree its Beautiful! :-)
Finally got the chinking for the front and a little of one side of the cabin done! yayyy!!

apparently the recipe we used before wasn't as sturdy as we would have hoped so i had to tear it all out, find a new recipe and start all over. :-( this one is much better and it is solid as a rock so thats great news! We thought we'd have MIL and FIL in the cabin by Thanksgiving but that won't be working out so hopefully by Christmas! :-)

I HAD to take a picture of DD in her adorable pink hat and gloves from MIL , isn't she a doll!?
www.stoneaccentsstudio.com is having an AMAZING black friday sale this weekend! ONLY ONE DAY SO CHECK IT OUT!!! (SALE EXCLUDES COMMERCIAL USE PRODUCTS )

here is the link to the beautiful moment cluster link expires in 3 days

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another Beautiful Freebie!

I love this little set of beautiful flowers Trish made from the Beautiful Moment elements! (arent they gorgeous!?)
snatch them up before they're gone:-) download expires in 3 days! :-) Have a great weekend!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Beautiful Moment Clustered Element Freebie!

I have alot of great news for you today!

I finally finished the Beautiful Moment Add-On and it's going to be in the store hopefully within the week! It really is gorgeous so make sure you check it out!
35 additional elements including 10 gilded or embellished papers, 10 frames,
8 beautifully intricate borders,and 7 other beautiful elements all for

look closely at this preview to see the borders, i love them,
they remind me of wedding cake!


I have a new Designer Assistant and her name is Trish (aka Digi Scrap Gal)

She will be assisting me with alot of things and one of them will be helping to create some 'combined design' elements for all of you! (how cool is that?!)

What she will be doing is taking elements that I've made and creating some unique ones from those items, so they will match the kits I have in the store
(so check back often so you can snag these limited time ,one of a kind goodies!)
and here is the very first one!

download expires in 3 days


is going to be having a DESIGNER CONTEST!!!
here are the details.. so if you're interested,... hurry and sign up!

Down on the farm....

well the recipe for the chinking of the cabin didn't turn out as we all had hoped.. (me most of all since i'm the one doing it! LOL!) well, i guess i should say it didn't harden up to my preference.. i just thought it felt like hard dirt.. (go figure..seeing that it was made up of dirt, salt and lime.. lol)

i found another recipe from a log home restoration book and took out the old stuff since it was crumbling and cracking , cleaned everything off and started over with the new recipe.. and i am happy to say its looking great! and hardening up really nicely too! so that is really good news! I took a picture last weekend to show you but it was dark by the time i finished working so it didnt turn out well. so i will get one on saturday when i am out there again.

while i was working outside on the log chinking,... my SIL (the lady with the red hair in the photo) had some of the members of her church come out and help to install the boards for the ceiling and some of the walls.

We got the boards from another structure on the property that was falling in so we carefully removed them, planed and sanded them, stained them and put them back up again. they really look great, (they are a little dusty from all the work right now though) MIL is really thrilled about how everything is coming together and we are hoping that they will be able to move from the fifth wheel camper they are staying in now to the 'cabin' before the snow comes.

So pray for that! :-)

God Bless!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Thankful Word Art Labels Freebie

I've been really busy this week putting the finishing touches on 2 mega kits I've been working on for weeks now... I'm pretty happy with them so far and I can't wait till their done so i can show you! :-)

Also, www.stoneaccentsstudio.com is having a DESIGNER CONTEST sooo.. check there for more details if your interested in becoming a SAS-Y Designer!!
Or... If you want some great freebies!
If you aren't already... you will soon want to be signed up at the forums at SAS so you can get in on the fun and voting for the new designers all the great contest freebies! :-)

I've finished a few items for the Beautiful Moment Add-On, it's coming together.. well,... beautifully. :-) lol . I plan to post a few more freebies for that later.... but in the mean time.. i couldn't resist making these 'words of thanks' labels for you all :-)

Thanks for your support! :-)
Hope you have a great weekend!

God Bless!

expires in 3 days

Monday, November 5, 2007

Beautiful Moment Clustered Frame Freebie!

I hope everything is going great for all of you! We had a really productive weekend at the farm,
my SIL and BIL's church had a few people come out and help and it sure was nice to have the extra hands! :-) a real blessing and we praise the Lord for their kindness! :-)
I've been thinking of making an add on for my Beautiful Moment Mega Kit and here is a little sample of what i am working on for that..
I have a few other pretty things I'm planning on adding too so check back often! :-)

This Beautiful Clustered Frame is made to match my

Beautiful Moment Mega Kit:
perfect for using to capture all of life's Beautiful Moments!
Perfect for Weddings, Anniversarries,
Heritage Photos, Christenings and so much More!
Would be perfect for card makers too!

kit includes:
24 Beautiful Papers
3 beautiful floral swag borders
1 gold filigree border
1 lace doily border
1 pearl strand border
2 diagonal silk ribbon borders
2 ribbon and pearl borders
12 acrylic word pebbles
2 gilded elements
3 intricately detailed oval tags
3 intricately detailed tags or journaling papers
6 finely detailed tags
1 lace doily
1 beautiful flower with pearl center
3 rose clusters
3 silk bows
2 embossed journaling papers
6 embellished tag rings
6 embellished pins
2 gold brads
1 gold bracket
1 ornate pearl button
2 gold filigree corners
1 gold filigree frame
2 intricatly detailed cluster frames
3 single frames

All for $6.50!

click here to see more product previews in the store!

special thanks to Atomic Cupcake for use of her actions,
to Obsidian Dawn for use of some of her brushes

download expires in 3 days

Friday, November 2, 2007

Sweet November Bragbook Page Freebie!

I just thought you might like another TREAT for the weekend ;-)

this bragbook page was made by myself (totally rare i know! ;-)

DH, DD and I are going out to work on the farm friday through monday so I won't take off all the other freebies until tuesday sometime... (so don't forget to tell your friends to stop by! ;-)

and this kit is now available at www.kutnkudlyskreations.com

kit includes:
12 beautiful textured papers
1 cardboard scrap border
2 oval tags
2 rectangle embellished tags
2 clustered rickrack frames
4 rickrack borders
1 leaf clip cluster
4 buttons
1 gold flourish
1 oval frame
1 gold flourish frame
2 flowers
3 bows
1 cardboard heart
1 cardboard star
1 gold leaf button
1 beads and button border
2 tassel borders

all for $4.00

special thanks to obsidian dawn and atomic cupcake

here is the link to the bragbook page

Check out ActionFX!

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