Friday, July 10, 2009

NEW! Sandy Mega Kit!

Hi Everyone! I've got a new freebie for you today! its an adorable 12x12 quickpage using my newest mega kit "SANDY"

download the quickpage HERE
And here's an adorable layout made by Sandy herself using this kit!
And here's some of the info on that mega kit:
Sandy Mega Kit $7.00

This beautiful,dreamy and whimsical mega kit was created to honor
one of my friends and CT members, Sandy. She helped me design this kit
by sharing with me little details about her own life,design styles she loves
hobbies, interests and more, alot of which I tried to combine here to create this kit using
alot of her own belongings and collectibles as inspiration and alot of grunge that she loves!
I hope you enjoy this kit as much as I enjoyed making it for her!

This kit includes a total of 30 papers including:

5 solid slightly grungy papers
5 grungy striped papers
5 grungy diamond pattern papers
1 crumpled blue notebook half page
1 large crumpled foil paper
1 folded and tattered edge striped paper
2 crumpled and distressed gradient papers
1 grungy and foil stars paper
1 orange grid with swirls and stars paper
1 gradient sunburst paper
1 grunge edge paper
1 grungy cardboard page
1 grungy red large dots paper
1 grungy and soft orange paper with faded stars
1 gorgeous sky painting paper
1 crumpled and grungy colored stars paper
1 grungy blue paper
1 quilted half paper

this kit contains a total of elements including:

4 adorable buttons
1 jewelry charm
1 clothespin
5 metallic office clips
8 knotted silk eyelet ties
5 folded and stitched paper stars
1 double stitched star
1 metal staple
1 whimsical paper clip
2 torn paper stapled frames
1 foil film roll frame
1 shuttered window frame
1 silver star sequin
1 glowing star element
1 colored wooden beaded string
1 silver charm border
1 silver charm dangle
1 yarn clothesline
1 clustered paper and stitching border
1 crumpled foil border
5 eyelet borders
1 foil star journal
1 foil stars page border
1 foil tag journal
1 lit lantern element
2 stitched borders
1 notebook paper journal
1 cardboard puzzle piece journal
1 glowing stars dangle
1 mettalic chiffon border
1 string wrapped cardboard journal
1 whimsical angel
1 angels wings butterfly
1 clothesline blanket
1 whimsical wooden boat
1 chiffon boat sail
1 lit candle
1 unlit candle
1 star fishing net
1 completed boat
1 whimsical little boy in sleeper
1 whimsy moon
1 quilted boat sail
1 ruffled quilt
1 whimsy sheep element
1 sleeper clothesline element
1 whimsical baby element
1 whimsical red haired boy element
1 whimsical little girl element
1 bedtime story book element
1 teddy bear element
1 whimsy tree element
1 beaded cardboard flourish
3 cardboard flourishes
1 foil stars cluster
1 silver glitter scatter
1 green rope coil
2 metallic leaf branch

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