Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Daydream Embellished Frame Freebie!

check the date! download expires 4 days from posting :-)

Hubby and I were driving out to the farm a week ago or so and saw this in somebody's front yard.... call us crazy.. or just plain tired.. but we busted up laughing over it! for some reason.. i think it's hilarious! like as though they are saying... "really, we swear! we LOVE fall!... even though we have mutilated our only front yard tree! "
I mean... i totally realize they are just either 'topping' the tree so it won't gro so high next year, it had some sort of disease.. or they just REALLYYY hate raking leaves.. LOL ;-)

but we got a kick out of it and i thought you might too...

In other news....

I spent the majority of the weekend 'chinking' the Faux log siding for the front side of the 'cabin' we are using a generations old recipe : here is the recipe just in case any of you digital scrappers every get the urge to go and chink yourself a cabin!! LOL

2 parts sifted dirt or clay
1 part sifted wood ashes (or gardeners lime)
1/2 part salt
water to make it the correct consistency *

* now... I used one of those big Sam's Club type aluminum cans as my measuring tool and I found almost a whole can of water (minus about a half cup) to be just about the perfect consistency.
they say this stuff is supposed to dry REAALLLY solid... almost like concrete.. so we will see....:-) I am really happy with how the siding looks. We were able to purchase the boards 'rough sawn' like this at a local sawmill for $60 dollars for about 60 fifteen foot boards. (the widths vary between 8-28 inches) the bark was not removed so they still had a wavy quality about them.. it looks pretty cool though and i think once it is all finished and closed up.. nobody will be able to tell that it was once a concrete block garage and not an authentic hewn log cabin.. (unless they look really closely anyway.) the plan is to do the same thing on the inside as well so it should look really 'country' and that was MIL's dream home anyway, so the LORD is really providing for her as they could not even afford to purchase a finished home let alone a log cabin like they dreamed of.

I gotta say... I am pretty shocked that the Feelin' Thankful kit hasn't been selling like I figured it would.. i mean.. i think It's the most beautiful kit I've ever worked on.
It's really making me question my own style now...LOL. so as yet another attempt to entice people to buy what we already know is stunnigly beautiful... we are now giving away an 8 page bragbook with purchase (in addition to the 20% off sale price! )
get it at www.stoneaccensstudio.com
So I've seriously got the 'designer blues' now.. since Daydream has not sold EVEN ONCE!! :-(
I mean,... do I smell or something? LOL LOL LOL So I am really seriously looking for some CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM HERE! Could do me a huge favor and be My SIMON COWELL.... really.. lemme have it! Tell me what could be better about my designs, go take a look at my stores and my products and tell me what you really think of them :-) I mean... I am currently making kits that I THINK look cool.. but I am totally willing to try some new things if it would sell better... cause goodness knows.. the farm and the house won't be getting fixed on their own :-) and after all.. the point of my job is to make things YOU like anyway... so really....

whaddaya think?


KEP said...

I thought Feeling Thankful was stunning so I did buy it. I don't think it's you as a designer. I love your designs. Maybe folks aren't quite ready for Thanksgiving. Just give it a few more days. I think folks are still hyped up on Halloween and aren't seeing beyond it yet. Thanks, too, for the beautiful frame freebie. It's outstanding.

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at digifree.blogspot.com

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for the beautiful frame!!!!!

Terry said...

Thanks so much for the pretty frame! I'm going to take a peek at your designs to see if I can't give a little constructive criticism. :)

Lisa West said...

Hey girl!! I love both of your kits. I think it's just taking a while for the shop to get off the ground. As for the Daydream kit, you may want to try two smaller previews down below. One only showcasing the papers and one only the elements. You can't see the papers very well in the top preview. It may help a bit to entice the customers because they really do look like beautiful papers. :)

SKrapper Digitals said...

Thanks Lisa! I will try that! :-)

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