Thursday, August 2, 2007

Okay... sooooo here goes.....

I can't believe I have a blog! I have always been scared of blogs...

(funny huh.. with people being scared of all sorts of things and me being terrified of... blogging. )

It must be my horrible mastery of the English language and Grammar that has me all bent out of shape. (cause I just know you're all standing over your computers with red pen or something.. lol.

Recently started designing Digital Scrapbooking products... and at the encouragement of others, decided to start a blog for people who like my work. So they could stop by and see: upcoming projects, links to freebies, coupons, announcements etc. as well as learn a little more about me...

That is... if they care to.... LOL

So hopefully I will have more interesting stuff to read later...
(maybe a few one liners or something to fill in the dead air... LOL)


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