Thursday, July 7, 2011


Today is an exciting day for a couple of reasons, fist, it's Sarenna's 2 month old birthday! She's getting so big at 13 pounds now!  Every day it is such a joy to see her grow and smile :-)

I've also got another reason to make you smile, I've caved to the peer pressure and decided to try a 'buy my' sale...  Here's the skinny:

Buy My Entire Artistic Heritage Collection 
(possibly insane) bundled price! Hurry, this is a VERY rare once in a lifetime offer that will most likely never be repeated.

The Artistic Heritage Collection is a collaboration between my Grandmother, Helen Stemen and myself.  I've always loved the beauty of my Grandmother's oil paintings and now, together, we've discovered a way to treasure and share them with all of our family, friends and so many others! We think you will find them a perfectly beautiful addition to your scrapbook.  I don't have the opportunity to see my Grandmother very much anymore. We live about 8 hours from eachother. so this collaboration collection has been something really fun for us to work on together via telephone, e-mail and letters. I can tell you she has enjoyed it immensely and is very grateful to see your beautiful layouts with these kits. Thank You all from both of us for your continued support of our work.

And here's the latest picture of my little 2 month old taken by my friend Candy during her visit on the 4th of July :-)

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DigiDesDesigns said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Sarenna is such a doll, fun to see a pic of her :>

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