Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Black Label Classics 1 Week 50% Off Sale & Freebie!

Hi Everyone!
I’m doing a little Spring Cleaning of my store, bundling and cleaning up some of my older products to make new for some of the new product lines I’m working on! (coming soon!)

So to celebrate spring cleaning I’m having a 1 week only 50% Off sale of my Black Label Classics! These bundles are huge, so make sure you’ve got plenty of time to download them! :-)   Enjoy this lovely coordinating Spring Clustered Frame as well! ?digifree?

Baby's First Year Collab and Free Clustered Frame

(click the image for the direct link download) 

Hi Everyone! :-) As you know, I'm expecting a little bundle of joy 
coming up here really soon (April 27th) And as it turns out another friend of mine
and fellow designer at www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com is also expecting a precious
little one of her own coming soon as well! :-) Nibbles Skribbles!   We both thought it would be fun 
to work on a collab kit themed around babies and even work on an ongoing collection as the babies
grow too.  Here is the first in that series Baby's First Year: The First Nine Months Kit and its addons (we're still adding more to it for a bundle -no pun intended- down the road too)
HUGS & Blessings!

Baby's First Year: Quilted Papers

Baby's First Year: Quilted Papers

This set contains 5 softly quilted looking papers that coordinate with Baby's First Year by SKrapper Digitals and Nibbles Skribbles. These semi-solid...
$1.49  $1.19
Save: 20% off

... more info
Max: 1
Baby's First Year: Dotted Papers

Baby's First Year: Dotted Papers

Do you like dots? If so, then this set of 8 dotted papers is perfect for you! It coordinates perfectly with Baby's First Year by SKrapper Digitals...
$1.99  $1.59
Save: 20% off

... more info
Max: 1
Baby's First Year: The Glitters

Baby's First Year: The Glitters

This set of glitter styles was created to match Baby's First Year by SKrapper Digitals and Nibbles Skribbles. The download contains both ASL and...
$2.49  $1.99
Save: 20% off

... more info
Max: 1
Baby's First Year: The Cardstock

Baby's First Year: The Cardstock

This collection of 10 solid cardstock papers is a great addition to any scrapper's stash - but if you picked up Baby's First Year then this set is a...
$1.99  $1.59
Save: 20% off

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Max: 1
Baby's First Year: The First 9 Months

Baby's First Year: The First 9 Months

   If you are or have been a proud mommy, then you know that Baby's First Year begins the day you get that positive test result. Fall of 2010 brought...
$4.99  $3.99
Save: 20% off

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Max: 1

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Freebie and Japan Charity Kit

Hi Everyone!  I'm sure by now you are all aware of the horrific devastation and situation going
on right now in Japan.

I was out of town helping to teach a digital class at a scrapbooking retreat during that time so I didn't get a chance to see alot of the first hand footage. Even though I love digital scrapbooking I couldn't help but feel saddened by the fact that I got to spend a weekend on a hobby while soo many others lost everything they owned.

  After I returned I scoured the internet to read everything I could about it and was just amazed by the stories being told. I read a story about a man who managed to find 1 soggy photograph of himself on a fishing trip and stuffed it in a plastic bag, his ONE photograph.

I read about how even in the midst of such total chaos soo many reporters had mentioned the grace and hospitality of the people who would offer the reporters some of the very little food they had, or their patient behavior in makeshift shelters, no one shouting, no one fighting, just patience.  What a lesson in grace.  I was soo happy to see that Toiny had suggested a charity collab for Japan and even though in the overall scheme of things our contribution may be small compared to the need, if we all do a little, we can help.  Please spread the word, please help where you can.

Here's a little about the organization we are donating through:

and a few videos of the devastation and relief efforts they are helping with:

Here's the freebie today, a clustered frame created from my portion of the Charity collab:
(click the image to download from a direct link) 

and here are the previews of the stunning Japan Charity Kit:

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NEW CU Grab Basket!

Spring Grab Basket 

Spring Grab Basket

$6.99  $3.00
Save: 57% off

Just in time for Easter, here's a Grab Basket packed full of springtime goodies for you!

You'll find 7 individual products including:

2 photo sharpening actions
7 flower extractions
4 grunge edge 12x12 overlays
1 cu chick
1 small tag element
8 dyed easter egg elements
1 psd format basket (also in .pngs)
4 grass elements
4 oval pretty grunge frames in various sizes and orientations
4 rectangle pretty grunge frames in various sizes and orientations

credit not required but always appreciated!

Spring Grab Basket
larger image
Spring Grab Basket 
Spring Grab Basket
Spring Grab Basket 
Spring Grab Basket 
Spring Grab Basket 

Spring Grab Basket 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Mothers & Daughters Coordinated Kits! ON SALE!

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know about one of the really great projects going on at theStudio

Toiny had this great idea of all of us creating coordinating mini kits (or other products) based around the same theme and color scheme.  Well, everyones contributions turned out absolutely GORGEOUS! (And they're all on sale too! ) check out all of the gorgeous kits by clicking  the following linked image:

 Mothers & Daughters
Mothers & Daughters

and here are my contributions to the Mothers & Daughters Coordinating Kits Set:

Daughters Kit- SKrapper Digitals

$3.99 Sale: $2.99 Save: 25% off

With its cool blues and and slightly modern elements this mini kit was created to coordinate well with the Mothers kit by SKrapper Digitals and is just perfect for scrapbooking those photos of Daughters in your life!

In this kit you'll find:

10 Beautiful Artistic Papers
1 beaded sequin
1 sparkling beaded sequin scatter
1 blue glass beaded scatter
1 detailed butterfly
1 linked round silver frame
1 sparkling dangle element
1 blue fabric flower
1 glass leaves element
1 glittery glass rose element
1 glass flourish
3 satiny leaves
1 silver brad oval frame
1 silver brad rectangle frame
1 dotted satin ribbon
1 newspaper frame
1 newspaper film strip frame
1 folded satin ribbon border
1 tiny satin flower
1 tiny satin leav
1 tiny satin leaves element
1 tiny glass leaves element
1 staple
1 tag
1 folded tulle element
1 tulle flower

Daughters Kit- SKrapper DigitalsDaughters Kit- SKrapper Digitals

Mothers Kit -SKrapper Digitals

$3.99 Sale: $2.99 Save: 25% off

This kit is a beautiful tribute to all the Mother's in our lives, and is versatile enough to be used for plenty of different layouts. In this kit you'll find

10 Lovely artistic papers
1 gorgeous detailed butterfly
1 purple satin bow
1 antique brooch
1 silver button
1 beaded dangle
3 flowers
1 framed tulle element
1 silver oval frame
1 silver rectangle frame
1 purple satin ribbon
1 paper frame
1 silver round frame
1 piece of greenery
1 rose rub on
1 sparkle scatter
1 staple
1 tag
1 glass leaves border
1 lace border
Mothers Kit -SKrapper Digitals 
Mothers Kit -SKrapper Digitals 
Mothers Kit -SKrapper Digitals

Mothers Kit -SKrapper Digitals
Mothers Kit -SKrapper Digitals 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NEW Artistic Heritage Collection kit- Faded Winter and FREE Clustered Frame!

Click Preview Image to Download this frame, ENJOY! :-)

And here's more about my latest Artistic Heritage Collection Kit-Faded Winter
and a beautiful sample layout made by 
My CT Leader, Jean Ann :-)

Artistic Heritage Collection - Faded Winter Mega Kit

$7.00  $6.00
Save: 14% off

The Artistic Heritage Collection is a collaboration between my Grandmother, Helen Stemen and myself.  I've always loved the beauty of my Grandmother's oil paintings and now, together, we've discovered a way to treasure and share them with all of our family, friends and so many others! We think you will find them a perfectly beautiful addition to your scrapbook.

Based on two of my Grandmother's winter paintings of her local Indiana scenery, Faded Winter is absolutely perfect for scrapbooking winter, heritage or masculine photos!  The large variety of versatile neutrals and browns along with the time piece elements make it the perfect accent kit to any in your collection.

In this lovely mega kit you'll find:

20 beautiful papers
1 decorative paper mat
1 border clustered element
5 lovely bows
2 snow covered branches
1 pocketwatch chain border
2 photo corners
5 flowers
1 thin paper frame
1 gold flourish
2 glitter scatters
3 grassy elements
2 dried flower elements
1 lace border
1 piece of lace
2 paper borders
1 straight pearl strand
1 pearl scatter
2 painted leaf branch elements
3 paper snowflake elements
2 ribbons
2 snowy scatter elements
2 stitching elements
1 rub on branch elements
3 buttons
1 closed book
1 open book
1 envelope
4 frames
1 rusty hinge
1 handwritten letter
1 mini tag
1 pearly pin
2 paper journals
1 wooden snow covered sign
2 painted postcards
1 candlestick
1 church
1 clock dial
2 clockface rub ons
1 doily
1 pocketwatch
1 candle lantern
1 watchface

And I've also updated the Seasonal Specials Section of my store as well :-)

Check out ActionFX!

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